Ars in Vitro 2014 90 points by Michael Godello Wine Align Canada

Ars in Vitro 2014 receives 90 points by Michael Godello, Wine Align Canada
“Few if any tempranillo (with merlot) at this comfortable structure and price level deliver such a posit tug between traditional values and theoretical avant-garde professionalism as the Ars in Vitro or, “in vitro technique” by winemaker J.M. Fraile. Navarra is the next great endemic/old world tempranillo (and blends) frontier and Fraile’s concrete raising ushers in the purest, breathable and curative red fruit with sapid and savoury edges. It’s plum richer, darker and riper than Rioja, oak-less and with terrific acidity. The unmistakeable minty finish drives home the down to earth point. If this is the new tempranillo frontier I’m buying up the real estate. Drink 2017-2019. Tasted July 2017.”
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