Ars Nova wine of the month – Helsingin Sanomat

Jouko Mykkänen selects 2010 Ars Nova to be the Wine of the Week for Helsingin Sanomat, the newspaper with the highest circulation in Finland (more than 330,000)
HELSINGIN SANOMAT  –  Food Wine of the week
Chanterelles (a kind of mushroom) call for an advanced taste and texture of the wine
The aromas of Tandem Ars Nova 2010 have a clear forest base, but also an elastic softness.
The selection of reasonably priced but high quality red wine suitable for chanterelle dishes is limited. My choice came from the Spanish Tandem Winery in the Navarre area. The producer is known for his art labels, which reflect his passion for wine making.
What kind?
Characteristics of a good chanterelle wine include its sophisticated taste and texture. Tandem Ars Nova 2010 is just that.
The aromas have a clear forest base, a mild leatheriness, but still a great touch of dark and red berries.
Tannins are useless with mushrooms and there are very few in this wine. Instead, the wine has a great acidity that creates posture and length for the delicious taste of the wine.
The wine is at its best with chanterelles fried in butter or oil. High in acidity, it is also the best drink as a creamy chanterelle dish.

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