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18 Dec 2018

TEN GREAT WINES UNDER €30 – The Irish Sun 15 December, 2018

2015 Ars in Vitro has been selected by Matthew Nugent on his wine column in The Irish Sun ‘ON THE GRAPEVINE’ TEN GREAT WINES UNDER €30 to try over the CHRISTMAS SEASON ‘With just ten shopping days left, today we bring you another ten great wines to celebrate the Christmas holiday period.We include seven reds that would grace any table…Tandem Ars In Vitro – €10.95 O’Briens Wine & Spirits A constant favourite that’s currently at a giveaway price. Immense purity and quality.Merlot and […]

12 Dec 2018

Harvest 2018 report

The 2017 harvest in Navarra was a very tough one. We suffered some frost and later on a extreme drought. It did not rain since June till the end of the harvest. However once the 2017 harvest was over, about end of last year and all through the first quarter of 2018 we received a lot of rain and snow that brought in the ground the necessary water reserves for a proper vineyard development and great plant recovery. Favored by […]

13 Nov 2018

O’Briens Winter Wine Festival Cork-Dublin

We are pleased to inform Tandem wines will be present at O’Briens Wine Winter Festival in Cork on November 15 and Dublin on November 17-18 We look forward to welcoming all our Irish friends at the show.  

12 Nov 2018

IFS Certificate

In our bid to keep improving processes at Tandem, we are very pleased to announce that we have been granted the IFS Certification for Tandem. IFS provides greater confidence to customers in terms of safety and quality control and the total traceability of the product.

04 Oct 2016

2016 harvest starts

Today October 4 our 2016 harvest has started. The ripening cycle on our grapes was even slower than usual and this is great. At our cool microclimate we always pick later than the South of our region, as much as 4 weeks, and as a result we get natural acidity on our grapes. The acidity in Tandem wines is natural, we do not correct anything. And for us it means natural freshness and elegance. We have picked today the Tempranillo […]