Matthew Nugent Irish Sun 19/11/16 – Wines in tandem with Nature

WINE IN TANDEM WITH NATURE – Matthew Nugent, Irish Sun 19 November 2016

‘The beautiful Yerri Valley is situated in the north of Spain’s Navarra region.
It is not as well known in Ireland for wine as Rioja, which lies just to the west.
But Navarra holds hidden gems – none more so than the Tandem winery.
As wineries go, it is quite a young enterprise of 13 years but has stablished a reputation for wines of quality and finesse.
I had the pleasure of meeting two of the founders. Alicia Eyaralar and Jose Maria Fraile, recently.
And it is some time since I met two people more committed and passionate about t¡doing what they love – crafting seriously good wines.
There is a mix of tradition with a modern twist in their winemaking.
It all starts in the fertile hills of the Yerri Valley where Tandem has its vines which are nurtured and cared for as if they were one of the family.
And all through the winemaking process – from harvesting to vinification – there is as little intervention as possible. The fruit with a wonderful natural acidity, is given the respect it deserves delivered to Tandem’s modern winery immediately after harvesting.
And there is the time in tank or barrel before release – unheard for wines of this quality and price point.
Thankfully O’Briens wines with 32 branches nationwide, had the foresight to import four of these wonderful wines – all of which I thoroughly recommend.
The Ars Nova €12.95 right, a blend of Cabernet, Merlot and Tempranillo is a spectacular introduction to the range – rich, savoury and complex.

Ars in Vitro €14.95, bottom left is a Merlot and Tempranillo blend with tremendous summer berry fruit flavours, integrated tannins and great length while Macula €21.45, right, made with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot is a powerhouse wine , but one that still retains a wonderful freshness, elegance with great length and finish.
in macula €14.95, top left, is a Viura and Chardonnay. It’s clean and fresh with aromas of white peach and green apples and a fresh palate with nice hints of oak.
All of the wines have another thing in common – tremendous balance’


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