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De casualis en latín, accidentalmente, por suerte.


De casualis in Latin, accidentally, fortunately.


In Latin, without blemish. A different white fermented in French oak and kept on its fine lees for three months to gain texture and complexity.

ars in vitro

In Latin, art in glass or in bottle. We want to express in this wine the freshness and powerfulness of our cool climate grapes from the Yerri Valley without the presence of wood. Fresh, enjoyable, pleasant and ideal for any occasion

ars nova

New Art in Latin, very applicable to the philosophy of this wine. 
Ars Nova was a musical movement in the 14th Century which brought about the advent of volume in music.


In Latin, a stain or mark, tache in French, which we interpret as an indelible memory or unforgettable sensation. The macula is the small central spot in the retina which allows us to see clearly.
 Mácula is a powerful, concentrated, masculine wine of good length.

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