Tandem inmune 2016 in The Irish Sun 13/02/18

This is utterly brilliant, our first ever red made of garnacha is featured by Matthew Nugent in his The Irish Sun wine column today January 13, 2018

‘REGULAR readers of this column will know one of my favourite red grape varieties is Garnacha.
I just love its expression of ripe soft summer fruit on the palate and nose.
Now one of my favourite Spanish new wave wineries — Tandem in Navarra, Spain — have crafted an excellent old vine Garnacha, with lovely black fruit flavours and a nice herbal twist.

A must try wine.
Enjoy with: Slow roast belly of pork.’

https://www.thesun.ie/…/scoring-systems-for-wine-are-a-maMatthew Nungent Irish Sun 130118

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