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Compañía Vitivinícola Tandem


Compañía Vitivinícola Tandem was founded in January 2003 by Alicia Eyaralar, José María Fraile and a small group of wine-loving relatives and friends.

After extensive careers in winemaking and marketing, first together and later separately in different wineries, there was a growing interest in starting up Tandem. Tandem means “at last” and represents the aspiration of its two partners and promoters, to fulfil a dream and the mission which they have taken upon themselves.

sincerity and effort

our misiOn

Our mission is to make great wines through our hard work and dedication and to make Tandem a reference point for quality in the Navarra DO. 
We work with all sincerity and sparing no efforts to be very constant in each vintage, thinking only to improve and to project confidence.

Our pledge is to follow the path that we have set out upon, a different path from the rest, which is committed to respect for nature, meticulous care in everything we do and working with the least intervention possible. All this with the aim of making wines that are elegant and have personality, and which express the character of the land that gives rise to them and also attain our customers’ complete satisfaction.




CTO / Co-Founder

Pamplona 1966, an economist from the University of Deusto in San Sebastián, MBA from the Instituto de Empresa (IE Business School). He began his professional career in 1992, always linked to wineries in the Navarra DO.


Biologist/ Co-Founder

Oviedo 1961, a biologist from Oviedo University with a Master’s in Oenology at the Barcelona School of Agronomists. Her first grape harvest occurred in Bierzo in 1989. Since 1991 her professional career has been linked to the Navarra DO where she has been gaining international recognition.


Vine grower

Lorca 1971, Lorca 1971, vine grower, farmer, maintenance engineer, multi-tasker.


In the vineyard and in the winery we implement a philosophy of minimal intervention. We rely on the most advanced and in turn simplest technology because we believe that in winemaking the less we intervene, the resulting wines turn out more authentic, natural, pleasant and expressive. Convinced that nature should follow its course and wine manipulation should be kept to the minimum in order to achieve authenticity.

We call it the ‘Tandem paradox’ because we produce wines considered modern using up to date technology which replicates how wines used to be made centuries ago:

  • The wines are moved by gravity in the winery.
  • We do not use a mechanical system for pumping over during fermentation.
  • We keep the red wines in underground concrete vats for a minimum of two years in order to clarify them naturally.
  • We do not use cold stabilisation.
  • Minimal filtration
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Ctra. Pamplona – Logroño km. 35,9
ES31292 Lácar
Navarra, España


Tel. +34 948 53 60 31
Fax. +34 948 53 6068




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