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Respect for nature is an obsession at Tandem. We follow the precepts of sustainable viticulture which uses the least intervention possible while at the same time maintaining the vineyard’s health and viability. The natural conditions of the valley ensure that pesticide treatments can be kept to the minimum and they basically take the form of sulphur and copper, avoiding products made of synthetic chemicals.

Our philosophy is simple, to make great wines we need to obtain the best grapes possible and that requires the vineyards to be monitored all year round.

first growth

During the first growth phase the surplus clusters are removed which, tied in with the fact that our vines do not get any trickle irrigation as we believe in dry farming methods, helps to obtain low yields per hectare, a key factor in obtaining greater concentration, an essential for the wine’s quality.

continuous sampling

During the months of September and October we carry out continuous sampling in order to analyse the grapes of each parcel, seeking their optimal moment of ripeness.

Apart from analytical checks, we base our findings on how the grapes taste when making decisions about starting the harvest. Full maturity of the grapes is sought with complete accuracy to avoid any greenness and to obtain ripe tannins.

Harvesting is carried out during the coolest hours of the day so that the grapes retain their freshness.