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Winemaking – Gravity

It is a modernist building with very clean lines, partly underground and integrated into an environment of great natural beauty, surrounded by an oak wood, vineyards and fields of cereal crops. Facing north, the winery has been built entirely of concrete, so that by natural means the optimal temperature is maintained for the production, cellaring and ageing of the wines. An outstanding feature is the huge frontal window with a spectacular view of the Yerri Valley and the Urbasa and Andía mountain ranges.


Winemaking processes are carried out on two levels so as to operate using gravity and avoid the use of pumps:

On the winery’s top storey, the grapes enter destemmed to the same level as the openings on the stainless steel tanks with pistons for plunging the cap. Mechanical pumps are not used during fermentation. By means of plunging the cap or pigeage all the grape’s potential is extracted gently and slowly. The delicate nature of the musts thereby remains unharmed. This way of treating the grapes, with the utmost respect, enables us to obtain lovely elegant wines. With very polished and fine tannins.
 With none of the stress caused by pumps.

On the lower storey, completely below the ground, are situated the concrete vats to which the wines are racked by gravity. Here they undergo malolactic fermentation and rest for a minimum of two years. The concrete vats provide impeccable storage conditions for the wines and maintain their freshness. During this time the wines are being decanted, thus obtaining natural clarification without treatments. 
 Tandem wines do not undergo any form of fining process, nor are they cold stabilised. Furthermore, to ensure they are released onto the market in the best possible condition, they undergo minimal filtration.