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Sustainable Viticulture and minimal intervention philosophy allow our wines to be Vegan

From the Latin word casualis, accidentally, luckily. A beautiful white
made of viura from a gorgeous plot.

In Latin, without blemish. A different white fermented in French oak and kept on its fine lees for three months to gain texture and complexity.

From the Latin word casualis, accidentally, fortunately. Elegant and fresh rose
made mostly of garnacha

In Latin, art in glass or in bottle. We want to express in this wine the freshness and powerfulness of our cool climate grapes from the Yerri Valley without the presence of wood. Fresh, enjoyable, pleasant and ideal for any occasion.

In Spanish means immune. Immune to disease, to failure, to setbacks, to critics, etc. inmune is completely a different guy, a fugitive, nothing to see with the elegance of the rest of our range. We aimed to make a powerful, deep and concentrated wine, with nice weight and tannins in which the purity of the fruit garnacha would shine.

New Art in Latin, very applicable to the philosophy of this wine.
Ars Nova was a musical movement in the 14th Century which brought about the advent of volume in music.

The label appeals to a spiritual sense, a call to the Holy Spirit for protection.
An angel with a trumpet stars on the label.

In Latin, a stain or mark, tache in French, which we interpret as an indelible memory or unforgettable sensation. The macula is the small central spot in the retina which allows us to see clearly. Mácula is a powerful, concentrated, masculine wine of good length.

Our loved ones and close friends are very important to us and will be kept forever in our memories. Enrique Rodríguez passed away in the February of 2006, Jose Mari Fraile senior in the October of 2011 and Jose Antonio (Toño) Torrealba in the September of 2022

That it has not suffered damage or impairment. A unique wine that we make in miniature from
historic vineyards in our valley.